In The Middle Of All Of It

The Opening

April 30, 2018

I've always wondered how one gets stuck. Whether it be by another's doing or their own. In most cases, I feel it is the fault of their own, but sometimes it can be by another's hand. Currently, I'm stuck. It is my own fault or, better yet, the fault of my heart.

I've been hit by a truck, tore my ACL, got a minor concussion, been punched in the temple, sprained both wrists and ankles, and on a separate occasion, broke my ankle. From all of these events, I've gotten back up moments after and began to walk around...but! But, when it comes to matters of the heart, falling in love and getting your heart broken, that's the stuff that brings me to my knees, that's the stuff that leaves me broken, that's the one thing that leaves me crippled. I carry some scares with me; some you can see, but those that you can't leave the biggest marks and they usually last the longest.

If I had the opportunity to predict the future, I'm not sure I would take it. I feel life has a bit more spunk when it's all left to surprise. In a way, I can control the outcome; it's simply about playing the cards right. I don't usually enjoy leaving things to chance, but when it comes to love...that's a chance worth risking. Every. Single. Time.

To love at all is to be vulnerable.

  • C.S Lewis
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