In The Middle Of All Of It

It's been a while

May 28, 2021

There's been a lot of struggle recently. With the pandemic, a family member with ailments and other stressful family members not being say the least, it's been tough. Since March, it's been a top of the mountain climb to death valley descent kind of vibe, and it seems it's going to get tougher. Despite life's best efforts, my spirit is still intact. The tougher life gets, the tougher I get as well. I've learned life doesn't really get easier, per se, you just get stronger. This fear of impending doom is getting old and I choose not to acknowledge it anymore. I'd rather spend my time enjoying the life I've created for myself. There will always be hardships which take many different forms. And, not to ignore them, but simply acknowledge their presence, grow from those experiences and choose not the growing concern, anger or sadness but the beautiful in-between moments instead. Let those moments guide you back to the lighter side of life. Those most precious, enduring moments can help you recover even after they're gone...

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