In The Middle Of All Of It

Hangin Out

November 26, 2017

A little over a year ago, I met someone that I liked; a crush, if you will. I suddenly had the urge to write something and wanted to relay the message to her. After consulting some friends, we thought it best I didn't. It wasn't as if I had anything to lose if I did send her the message. I'm certain she didn't feel the same about me, and I don't know that she knew the way I felt about her. Maybe the gesture would have been nice? Or it would have made her feel awkward, in which case, I wouldn't like the thought of impeding on her happiness. No matter the scenario; as it is now in the past, I'll leave this here for the world.

You know as I was walkin, just thinkin, you and I are just people. You're a person, I'm a person, just livin, walkin and talkin and bein about ourselves. The thoughts that did occur, so solemnly in my mind, was that us people; you a person, me a person, could be chillin, just relaxin, hangin with other persons, maybe two or three, cause they be people too. Maybe we all be people; just chillin, doin what we doin as people do sometimes. So as my thoughts did conclude, in an oh so matter o' fact way, is that we could all be people, just hangin, bein about what we be about and doin what we do best...just hangin out.

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