In The Middle Of All Of It

College Years

December 31, 2017

What seems like a lifetime ago, a young man, full of hope and wonder, sat in a classroom aspiring to be a professional photographer. The dream of tomorrow was slowly forming, but the party life was also calling. On the weekends, we would drink. On some weekdays, we would drink, and whenever the occasion seemed right, we would drink. This next piece summarizes that life. It's funny to think that I once existed as this person. Growth, however, is a huge part of my life. It's with great pleasure that I can say, I'm not the same person I was last year, let alone, 8 years ago during my college years. A lot has happened in my life and even more is going to happen. Seneca once said, "The greater part of progress is the desire to progress". I interpret this as, you have to want to change, in order to change. Throughout these years, I've changed a ton. Without further ado, here is College Years:

Hours before there may have been a classroom overwhelmed by the punctuality of maturing minds, but I was not present. Rather, I was welcomed by a sofa I've never met, and comfortability was a mutual feeling in this respect. The face of a clock somewhere might have read 2 or 3, but no indication nor evidence inclined to my whereabouts. Some ornamental concoction with fancy colors and neon lights echoed in my hazy eyes. On most nights and rainy days, I would concoct a buzz with some imaginative chemistry and be bewildered by the effects. The soundless tone of an incoming call vibrated heavily on a table, to which no answer was received.

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